Angelic Beauty

This final post from my shooting at the Joel Grimes Workshop here in Phoenix features the angelic Jen Republic.  She filled the room with upbeat, positive energy and provided us with a very successful photoshoot.  

I am most excited about this set of images because it contains a heavenly look which I have been interested in developing for a long time.  Through Joel Grimes lighting instruction and some discovery in post processing, I've found what I call the "white on white" look found in the bottom image.  It is a look that speaks to me as a developing artist and one which I hope to use regularly in the future.  

If anyone wants to create a giant print of someone they love in this style, contact me (Rick) through  or  I have a large studio in Litchfield Park dedicated to making these kind of images.  Photoshoots are free.  When we create an image you love, you just pay for the print.