My name is Ricky Phillips.  I'm a photographer based in Litchfield Park, Arizona.  I started my business, RC Phillips Photography, in 2012.  

To see some of my work, please click through my blog or galleries.

I enjoy many types of photography including:

  1. Composite Portraits
  2. Head Shots
  3. Sports
  4. Landscapes
  5. Products

My private studio is an independent structure located on my residential property in Litchfield Park.  It's a large, clean, comfortable studio used solely for creating images.  I'm also happy to shoot on location.  

I use the finest professional cameras, lenses, lighting, printer, inks, etc. to create my images.  If you have an eye for quality, you will see a difference between my work and your local neighborhood photographer.


RC Phillips, photographer



Please contact me at or fill out the short form below if you would like me to reach out to you.

I will arrange to get you into my studio to see my work in person and discuss together the kinds of traditional images or artistic composite Images I can create for you.  (Artistic Composites are stylized images where I drop your studio image into a background scene that I have already shot.)

Following your photoshoot we will view and select your favorite images together at my studio.  I will then process, print, mount, (and frame) your selected images at the sizes you choose.  Your mounted (or framed) images will be available for pickup within two weeks.  I will also email you a digital copy of each of your purchased images.




Up to 3 hours, location or studio - Free (That's right, no charge!)


Mounted (Traditional Image) Prints:

8x10 - $60

11x14 - $90

13x19 - $120

16x16 - $150

16x20 - $180

20x20 - $200

20x24 - $220

24x24 - $240

24x36 - $360

Mounted (Artistic Composite Image) Prints:

16x16 - $350

16x20 - $380

20x20 - $400

20x24 - $420

24x24 - $440

24x36 - $560


(Digital Copy Included with Each Mounted Print)

Frame prices discussed in studio

Prices do not include tax


I accept cash, credit card, or PayPal

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